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Discover more about our regions rich history that is deeply rooted in the rich soil. DeKalb County is home to several Barb Wire Barons. Both had uniquely different lifestyles. Tour the elaborate 1920’s Ellwood House Victorian Mansion and the J.F. Glidden Homestead, which is a nod to a simpler lifestyle and has a working blacksmith shop. Live theatre is part of our culture. Attend a live production at one of our historical theatres. Immerse yourself in the art deco inspired Egyptian Theatre, the historic Sandwich Opera House, Stage Coach Theatre or head to NIU to see a production at the O’Connell Theatre. Musical performances, dance, art exhibits and archelogy are all part of our cultural scene.

DeKalb County’s industrial heritage is rooted in the agricultural industry. Barbed wire manufacturing was a booming business in the 19th century. Many are familiar with the DeKalb Research famous “flying ear” logo, created for the revolutionary hybrid seed corn—the company that was acquired by Monsanto, which later merged with Bayer.

DeKalb County has an abundance of Cultural attractions to visit. Enjoy a theatrical production at of our historic sites such as the Sandwich Opera House of Egyptian Theatre to the newly renovated O’Connell thearte on the NIU campus or Stage Coach Theatre.

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