Sycamore State Street Theatre

420 West State Street

Sycamore IL,60178


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The Sycamore State Theater opened as the Fargo theater on November 28, 1925. The 900 seat, single screen Fargo theater was built at a cost of $115,000 by Henry Fargo of Geneva.  The theater opened to live stage performances, silent movies, and a large Geneva Pipe organ. The first sound system was added in December 1928 at a cost of $20,000. In June of 1939 the Fargo theater was one of the first buildings to have air conditioning in DeKalb County. The Fargo became the State Theater August 6, 1940. The State Theater had a long run as a movie theater until November 1972 when lack of attendance the theater closed. It operated as a church for the next 17 years. For 9 months in 1989 the State Theater was bought with the vision of holding live country music shows once again the theater was closed due to lack of attendance. The State was made a three-screen theater in 1990 by splitting the large theater in half and making the old stage a third screen. The State Theater was home to the first Sycamore Film Festival in September 2011.