The Music Connection

515 DeKalb Avenue

Sycamore IL,60178


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The Music Connection, LLC in Sycamore is a “full-service” music store and lesson studio for all ages. We sell sheet music and every-day instrumental music items like clarinet reeds, trumpet valve oil, concert band drum sticks, string packs, and much more! Call us for more information.

Rentals are also available through our new partnership with The Instrument Barn (Huntley). Call us for details.

Did you know that learning an instrument uses every single part of the human brain, simultaneously? Scientific research has shown that learning an instrument improves a person’s memory, flexibility, school grades, and social skills.

We offer lessons for the following instruments: piano, voice, guitar, drum/percussion, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, Fr. Horn, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, flute, piccolo, violin, viola, cello, classical & electric bass, and much more!

We also offer additional musical services through our new Connect Media, Connect Entertainment (“drum line-for-hire”), and Connect Future options. Learn more about these exciting opportunities by visiting our website.

Lessons are taught once a week for either 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes by highly skilled and passionate music instructors with college music degrees in a safe and comfortable environment. Please learn more about our instructors by visiting our website and clicking on the Teachers tab to read their bio.

Students can participate in our 3 yearly recitals (December, May, and August) to showcase their amazing skills and talents! Lesson tuition starts as low as $30. Scholarships and discounts are available. Call us for more details and to request a FREE sample lesson on any instrument. That’s right! A free sample lesson!

Let us at The Music Connection, LLC in Sycamore help you reach new musical heights…one note at a time!

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