EggToy Studios

421 N. California St., Bldg. #2

Sycamore IL,60178

(630) 290-1470

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EggToy Studios started as two artists who dreamed of turning their passion of making art into full time jobs. Jacob specializing in metal and Bree in glass. Now 20 years later, the family has grown and so has its studio. EggToy Studios’ expertise spans across customized lighting, furniture, signage, glass, and sculptures. The company works with design studios and commercial developers to create thought provoking, fun and eclectic pieces for restaurants, commercial and residential properties.

Check out some of their collaborations on the  page. If you’re interested in working with EggToy, reach out via the contact form. The studio can help from concept, to design, and fabrication, all within its facility  in Sycamore, IL.