Spread the Word, Think Outside the Deficit

The DeKalb County Convention and Visitors Bureau needs you to “Think Outside the Deficit” and spread the word about tourism in DeKalb County.

Tourism is a booming, vital part of the DeKalb County economy, but a proposed budget currently being debated in the state legislature calls for a $32 million reduction in state contributions to the tourism industry.

These cuts would obviously affect the lives of DeKalb County residents who benefit from local tourist revenue, hotel taxes, and tourism related jobs.

Consider that tourism is 100% funded by the state’s hotel tax revenue which is estimated to be $250 million for Fiscal Year 2015. Then consider the additional $2.3 billion generated through other state and local tax revenue, of which DeKalb County contributes $81.58 million.

Obviously people want to visit DeKalb County to experience the great attractions our local area provides, so DCCVB needs you to spread the word. Review our informative DeKalb County Tourism Statistics and share the information with others. Together, we’ll ensure state contributions and maintain tourism in DeKalb County.