Quarantine Challenge

Monday, March 30, 2020

12:00 AM

How’s the homeschooling going?

We have some questions, riddles, & fun to spice up your DeKalb County knowledge! Answer the most questions correctly, and/or participate in the most challenges by March 30th and receive a $20 gift card from one of our DeKalb County businesses!

Email answers by the end of each day or send pictures to: Office@dekalbcountycvb.com — Check back each day for a new challenge!


3/18/20:Rearrange the numbers, 70813043, to the date that DeKalb County was founded. Hint: MM DD YYYY


3/19/20: Did you know DeKalb County is home to over 120 parks including 14 forest preserves?
– What is the largest forest preserve in the county? Hint: This area is a “National Hot Spot” for bird watching, with over 245 species of birds observed there since 2004!


3/20/20: The landmark picture (below) exhibit the site which held the first regular session of DeKalb County Court -1837. Erected in 1917 by D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution) and DeKalb County. Where is this located?
(View additional picture on our facebook page!)


3/23/20: Did you know DeKalb County’s Barn Quilt tours are one of our biggest tourism attractions?
A Barn Quilt is a single uniquely designed quilt block typically painted on a detachable canvas and displayed on the side of a barn or other structure. The design can highlight anything from the owner’s family history or hobbies, patriotism, local or family quilt designs, or even a family pet! We challenge you & your family to design your own barn quilt on a smaller scale.
Send us your photos through our messages or email them to us at office@dekalbcountycvb.com — Make sure to check out our self-guided Barn Quilt Trail later this spring! https://dekalbcountycvb.com/dekalbcountybarnquilts/


3/24/20: The Sandwich Fair began in 1887.  What fair was held in Sycamore in 1852?


3/25/20: What year was this design for the County Seal created?


3/26/20: DeKalb County is home to the first “Seedling Mile” of the Lincoln Highway. Where was this stretch of concrete road built?