Saturday, April 22, 2017

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

TEDxNIU is a local non-profit that brings TEDx talks to DeKalb. TEDx conferences are events run by independent subgroups of the international company, TED. TED focus is to spread ideas across the world through presentations by professionals about any topic across the world. These presentations are recorded and posted online for all to see, for free.

TEDxNIU’s Conference this year is made up of 8 speakers including professionals in fields such as: computer science, cancer research, personal branding, language barriers, and entrepreneurship. The theme is Pushing Limits and each speaker will touch on this subject and how we, as individuals, can push our own limits and better the world.

Tickets are available to students at any level and there is a general public ticket also available for purchase.

EDxNIU’s conference not only showcases the 8 TEDx talks but also includes networking sessions where NIU students and locals can interact and come together as a larger community. Lunch, gift bags, and the opportunity to meet the speakers one-on-one are all included in the ticket.

Tickets can be found at tedxniu.com. The conference is $10 for students (any grade level) and $15 for the general admission.

Event Location:
Altgeld Hall
Northern Illinois University
116 Altgeld Hall
DeKalb, IL