The House Cafe: Security Culture/Snailmate

Sunday, June 18, 2017

6:00 PM

Security Culture- alternative hip-hop band from Aurora, Illinois.

Snailmate- “Snailmate is a melting pot of musical styles that emerges from the muddle with a humorous hiphop-electronica-funk fusion. Combining the efforts of Kalen Lander and Ariel Monet, Snailmate veers for the weirder side of the musical spectrum…” – Yab Yum

Watch City- Watch City is a multi-talented Hip Hop group out of Elgin, IL. Artists’ talents include emceeing, producing, live instrumentation, b-boy dancing and more. Formed in late 2010, Watch City has steadily been gaining a buzz throughout the nation. Along with their unique instrumentals, well constructed lyrical content, and raw live energy, Watch City looks to prove their credibility through hard work and commitment.
It’s Watch City like a skyline view.

NeverclearX- A self-proclaimed “no-named rapper” from Sycamore, IL, NeverclearX started Krazy Boy Productions from nothing and went to headlining shows. He opened up for Mod Sun in December of 2012 and has also performed at many local shows, centering around the House Cafe. It’s hard to tell what’s next for the young rapper, cause the future is never clear; get it?

Tickets- $7 and show starts at 7pm

For more info call (815) 517-1788 or go to

Location of The House Cafe- 263 E Lincoln Highway